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  • USD $36.54 Out of stock

    A special controller for Super Famicom made by HORI Japan. Plays and feels really nice. Also has advanced turbo functions for all action buttons.

    USD $36.54
  • USD $20.55 Out of stock

    A boxed Pokemon Channel Extended Pack, Bangumi Kakuchou Pack 2-disc set with manuals and inserts for GameCube. The game is cleaned, tested and has 6 months warranty. The items in the photos is what you will receive.

    USD $20.55
  • USD $12.79 In Stock

    • Cleaned, tested and guaranteed to work.• See photos for condition and included items.• Compatible with Famicom.• 6 months warranty.• Japanese knowledge REQUIRED to enjoy gameplay.

    USD $12.79
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  • USD $35.63 In Stock

    Legend of Mana with case, manual and spine card (obi) for the Japanese Playstation + Legend of Mana Seiken Densetsu Ultimania book. A must if you’re a Seiken Densetsu/Mana-fan/collector! The discs are tested, working. See photos for condition, nice! The book is in Japanese, including things such as character profiles, a guide to producing different...

    USD $35.63
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  • USD $50.24 In Stock

    Cool cases for Nintendo Super Famicom/SNES PAL cartridges! The Mario cases are genuine Nintendo.  The Famicom House cases are perhaps even more interesting since they’re from a Japanese used game chain that made their own cases in the 90’s to sell loose games in. Pre-owned, scratches and slight damage exists (see photos), but good condition overall. Games...

    USD $50.24
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  • USD $40.19 Out of stock

    OutRun with manual for the Japanese SEGA Saturn. Tested, working. See photos for condition. The item in the photos is what you will receive.

    USD $40.19
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