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When you’re buying from Super Gangu, your package gets sent from Japan to your country. All orders are processed and shipped within 72 hours, usually faster. If your order for some reason may take longer than 72 hours, we will contact you directly by email.

We ship to 13 different countries. If you don’t find your country on the list, send us an email to and tell us where you live and what you’re interested in buying. We may be able to set up a special order.

Shipping methods

We offer three different methods of shipping:

1. Economy Airmail (SAL Small Packet)

Economy Airmail is the cheapest option we offer. It's slow, but will reach its destination eventually.

Average delivery time: 2-5 weeks
Tracking: Only over 2kg/4.4lbs packages (does not update when package is in transit between Japan and your destination country)
Insurance: No (in case of damaged or lost packages you'll have to deal with your local post office)
Recommended for: Smaller orders and when you aren’t in a rush

2. Airmail (Small Packet)

Regular Airmail is often a good middle option. It’s faster than Economy Airmail and usually only cost a little more.

Average delivery time: 1-3 weeks (usually 7-10 days)
Weight limit: 2kg
Tracking: Yes (pretty good update frequency)
Insurance: No (in case of damaged or lost packages you'll have to deal with your local post office)
Recommended for: Smaller orders that you don’t want to wait too long for

3. EMS - Express Mail Service

EMS is our recommended option, simply because it is the fastest, includes insurance and other benefits.

Average delivery time: 3-14 days (3-4 days for most countries)
Weight limit: 20kg
Tracking: Yes (good update frequency)
• Insurance: Yes (value written on the package)
• Direct-to-door delivery for most countries
• Customs handling fee pre-paid (may still have to pay import tax)
• Recommended for: All orders.

Where do we ship?

Here is a list of the (13) countries we ship to by default:

North America/Oceania

• Australia
• Canada
• New Zealand
• United States


• Austria
• Denmark
• Finland
• Ireland
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• United Kingdom

Customs and taxes

Because it’s classified as us exporting, and you importing, you do not pay any Japanese sales tax. Instead, depending on where you live and what you buy, you may or may not have to pay customs tax or import duty in your country when your package arrives. This is not included in the total cost of your order, and we can not reimburse you for any import tax or duties.

United States

There is no import tax on toys and games for orders under $200, usually orders above $200 have no problem as well. This is absolutely excellent for US customers since you pay neither sales tax nor any import tax!


Orders below AUD 1000 are exempt from duties, taxes and charges. Absolutely fantastic!


Smaller packages usually go through customs without any fee, but orders above CAN$20 may require you to pay duty.

EU countries

The rules differ a bit between countries, but generally speaking, packages valued (including shipping cost) under 22 euro are exempt from any taxes and charges. Packages valued to a total ranging between 22 and 150 euros may be subject for paying VAT consumption tax. Usually these packages go through customs without any import taxes anyway, especially if they are small.

We recommend EMS as the shipping method of choice for EU residents, because EMS packages aren't hit with import taxes as often compared to packages sent with Economy or Regular Airmail. And if you are required to pay import tax, the fees are usually lower as well.

Other countries

Check with your local customs office and ask if there is a potential risk for import tax on games and toys from Japan. Browsing forum posts online where other people have ordered goods from Japan to your country is also a good way to get a better picture.

Damaged shipments

If a package arrives with severe damage caused by the shipping process, you need to to file a claim with your local postal service. Take photos from several angles before opening the package. Even better, open it and take photos in front of a post office staff member if you are able to. If items inside the box are clearly broken or damaged by shipping, file a damage report with your local postal service right away.

We’re not able to reimburse damaged items shipped with Economy Airmail and Regular Airmail. If you’re worried about this, use EMS as your shipping method, as it includes insurance. With damaged Economy Air Mail or Regular Airmail packages, all insurance compensation is handled by your local postal service. Get in touch with your local post office and file the necessary insurance claim forms.

If an EMS shipment arrives damaged, you need to file a damage report with your local post service. Then, you need to send us a scanned copy (PDF or JPEG) of the case document from your local post service.

At that point, we’ll have everything we need to file an insurance claim with Japan Post. Keep all packaging material and documents, do not throw anything away. If you do, we may not be able to file an insurance claim.

Lost shipments

We only ship packages with a tracking number, but if a package is taking a lot more time to arrive than normal (over 2 weeks for EMS, over 3 weeks for Airmail and over 6 weeks for Economy Airmail), and the tracking status has stopped updating, you should contact your local postal service, give them the tracking number and ask what’s going on. Always keep any documents or papers you receive from your local postal service, since they might be needed if your package ends up lost.

If that doesn’t give you any results, contact our customer service at We’ll then contact Japan Post to see if they can track the location of the package. If it turns out that the package is indeed lost, you may be able to file a claim with your local postal service to get reimbursed for the value written on the shipping label.

As with damaged goods, we’re unable to reimburse lost items shipped with Economy Airmail and Regular Airmail. If you’re worried about this, use EMS as your shipping method, as it includes insurance. With lost Economy Air Mail or Regular Airmail packages, all insurance compensation is handled by your local postal service. Get in touch with your local post office and file the necessary insurance claim forms.

Change of address

If you need to change the address for an order that has been placed but not yet shipped, get it touch with our support at If the order has already been shipped, changing the address is not possible. You’d have to contact your local postal service to see if they can help you arrange a solution.

Always check that the shipping address is correct when you’re placing an order. For addresses that are connected to your account, you can edit them by going to My Account -> My Addresses.


We love Japanese games and toys with a passion, and we want you to love them as well. So in case something happens, we want to help you fix the situation as fairly and reasonably as possible; we hope you will be fair and reasonable with us as well.

We offer a 6 month (from when you received your package) warranty policy on all items.

The warranty applies if an item has a severe fault that we didn’t detect at the time of sale and/or wasn’t written or shown in the product description.

For example:

Consoles that won’t power on with the correct power adapter, has bad chipsets, leaking capacitors or doesn’t want to start any known-good games.

Games that won't start at all in a known-good console (assuming it's region-compatible)

Functional or mechanical faults that renders the item unusable for its intended use.

The warranty does not cover:

Accidental damage caused by the customer (water spills, drop damage, opening and tampering, plugging in the wrong AC-adapter etc.)

Used consoles or games that may require a few attempts to start playing (however when cleaning and testing, we make sure that every console and game we sell starts every time, all the time).

• Cartridge battery life (however, we always test if a cartridge is able to hold saves before selling it)

AC-adapter inlets on used consoles or AC adapter barrel connectors that requires the barrel connector to be twisted 180 degrees or less in order to power on the console.

• Moderate cosmetic box defects on new/unopened items (wear in the corners etc).

Cosmetic faults that are considered normal on used products: normal wear, minor scuffs, discoloration, stains, tears, small cracks, scratches etc.

For warranty returns, we offer a similar replacement (if we have one in stock) or to have the item repaired. If we’re unable to repair or replace the item, you can choose to get in-store credit for the item’s purchase value. If the warranty return is within 30 days from the delivery date, you also have the option for a full refund.

We cover the full shipping cost for any warranty return within 30 days of the delivery date. After 30 days, you have to bear the cost of returning the item. We’ll bear the cost to ship a replacement or repaired item back to you.

Returns (Buyer's Remorse)

We offer a 10 day (from when you’ve received your package) return policy on all items. We do not charge any restocking fee, however you are responsible for bearing all costs associated with the return. For any items with a value over 2500 yen, you have to send the return by registered mail and provide us with a tracking number.

Returns must also to meet the following conditions:

New items must be factory sealed, unopened and undamaged

Used items must be in the equivalent condition they were sold in

All items have to be in their original packaging and well packed for shipping (bubble wrap is key)

A copy of the original invoice or packing slip must be included inside the return package

• The return has to arrive at our facility within 45 days of an initiated return case

It is your responsibility to ensure the safe and undamaged arrival of the returned item(s). Refunds will be paid out after the arrival and inspection of the returned item(s). If the returned items doesn’t meet the requirements stated above, we may only be able to offer a partial refund or in the worst case scenario, no refund at all. In the case of a refund, you will only be refunded for items, not shipping costs.


Refunds will be paid out to your original method of payment (PayPal).


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any problem related to our products or services. We’re not a charity nor can we make miracles happen, but we want to do our best to find a solution that is fair and makes everyone involved happy.