Buying used items guide

Super Gangu does not have a grade or star-based rating system for used items. First of all, all used games we offer in our store are guaranteed working, thanks to our thorough cleaning, repairing and testing process.


For used items, we do our best to point out any cosmetic defects or damage by taking photos of the affected area. You can also inspect every item in high-res detail by zooming in on the photo. Works on smartphones, too!

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Click/tap this button under the item photo to zoom in. It's really cool.

Box with cosmetic defects
Boxes for older games often have some type of cosmetic defect, it's 25+ year old paper after all...

Scratches on Luigi

Pre-owned toys may also have small scratches or blemishes that aren't apparent at a normal distance,
but visible when you look closer.

Be aware that our warranty policy does not cover any cosmetic defects, even ones we may have missed them when photographing the item. We have a free 10-day return policy, but you have to bear the return cost, and you will not get your money back for the original shipping cost, only the item.

We want you to know exactly what you're buying so that you don't ever have to feel you want to return an item, so always look at the photos before you buy.

2. What's in the box?

The photos on the item page also show everything that is included with the item.
If you’re unsure if a specific manual or leaflet is included - check the photos.

Chrono Trigger with included items

3. boxed games and loose cartridges

Super Mario Kart, boxed and loose

We split item pages for cartridge-based games into two categories:

Boxed games: You get a cartridge in the original box, also any other items present like manual, leaflets etc.

Loose cartridges: What you get is just the game, cartridge only. Ready to play.

4. If we have more than one in stock

If we have more than one of a used item in stock, you will be able to compare them by selecting each one from the “Select item” dropdown menu.

Select item

The number (#01) of the item is just our internal number that helps us keep our stock in order. It has nothing to do with the condition of the item.

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Happy shopping!